I first began painting in the early 1980’s and since that time I have developed my drawing and painting skills.

In 1988 I successfully completed the first Foundation for Art and Design course with the newly established Open College of Arts.

The skills I have learnt as an artist were passed on to young people when I gained employment with The Woodlands School in Scarborough working with children from Year 1 to Year 11. I also taught in The Lifelong Learning Department of Scarborough 6th Form College, where I worked with my wife Jill, teaching art and craft to adults with special educational needs.

I have attended and successfully passed various art courses at The Scarborough Campus of Hull University. The courses were Portrait Painting and Painting Still Life in Acrylics, Painting in Oils and Art and Design. To maintain my drawing skills I draw from life as often as I can.

As an artist my preferred medium is oils; however I am equally comfortable in painting in acrylics, pastels and watercolour.

When taking photographs I try to look for the unusual through the camera lens. I also enjoy taking photographs of what pleases my eye at the time! I am keen on taking photographs of the old industrial and urban environment. Reflections and rock pools have also become a common theme in my work.

In addition to the above, I make Native American style craft items and have led many craft workshops over the past 15 years, specialising in items based on a Native American theme.

I do not buy into ‘artspeak’, I simply paint, take photographs and make things because I enjoy the process and sometimes like and sometimes not like the end result. If you like what I do, great, if you don’t, I’m fine with that too. However, I will be most pleased if you bought my work.

I have admiration for all painters both professional and amateur, from the present and the past, who, having put their heart and soul into producing a work of art then put it on public display.